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Posted on October 26 2016



     DuPont introduces thousands of products and patent applications every year. Of course some of them are extremely valuable for watch industry. Kalrez® is being one of those inventions, Richard Mille started to use it on their watch straps a couple years ago. With a well-coordinated development process between Biwi SA, DuPont™ and Richard Mille, watch industry went beyond Rubber straps. Kalrez® is about 10 times stronger and reliable than Rubber however a Kalrez strap costs more than one thousand US Dollars. Millions of watch strap users have to wait for years for reasonable prices. Below you can find information from Richard Mille’s .

This material was developed for tough environments such as scientific, research, aerospace and aeronautics environments requiring a superior degree of purity. Kalrez® effectively reduces absorption, desorption and products of extraction, ensuring minimal contamination. In fact, the perfluoroelastomer Kalrez® strap provides almost total chemical resistance, maintaining its properties at temperatures up to 327°C. Likewise, the strap’s composition allows for optimal watertight protection, synonymous with longevity, as well as negligible residual deformation, which gives Kalrez® its resistance to extreme pressures found in deep-sea conditions.

Kalrez Straps are mostly manufactured by Biwi SA, a Swiss firm specialising in the moulding of high-precision vulcanised elastomers like rubber and silicone, as well as technical plastics used in the manufacture of watchmaking components and medical parts. The use of Kalrez® material for this strap is the result of an exclusive association between the makers of Kalrez®, DuPont Performance Elastomers, and Biwi SA.

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