• Genuine Black Teju Lizard Skin Watch Strap
  • Black Teju Lizard Skin Watch Strap
  • Teju Lizard Skin Watch Strap
  • Panerai Teju Lizard Watch Strap

Genuine Black Teju Lizard Skin Watch Strap


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Product Details

*to Custom Order this product, please send an e-mail to info@imperastraps.com
Primary Material Genuine First Grade Teju Lizard Skin
Lining Material Genuine Natural Calf Leather
Sweat Resistant
Stitching Color Black
Edge Color Black
Thickness Strap is tapering from 5,5mm to 3,5mm.

  Watch straps made from lizard skin are resistant, flexible, comfortable, versatile and has extremely beautiful appearance. Being one of the most recognizable skins among all of the exotic hides, lizard skin comes with multiple color options so your watch straps will fix with personality and style. Lizard Skin watch straps are in all around gloss finish with matching stitching. It is hypo allergenic, which is suited for sensitive skins.

Ships in 3 business days
Free Shipping for all orders of $100.00 or more
Completely handmade
Hand stitched with %100 Linen Thread
1 fixed and 1 free keepers


Keeper width chart

28mm x 24mm

10 mm

16mm x 16mm

16mm x 22mm

7,5 mm

24mm x 24mm

24mm x 22mm

22mm x 22mm

22mm x 18mm

5,0 mm

20mm x 18mm

20mm x 16mm

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