• Burgundy Python Skin Watch Strap

Genuine Burgundy Python Skin Small Pattern Watch Strap


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Product Details

*to place a Custom Order for this product, please send an e-mail to info@imperastraps.com
Primary Material Genuine First Grade Python Snake Skin
Lining Material Genuine Natural Calf Leather
Sweat Resistant
Stitching Color Burgundy
Edge Color Burgundy

  Magnificent Craftsmanship meets First Grade Genuine Python Skins. The use of it is quite popular for many years since python skin is exotic, durable, hypo allergenic and gorgeous for watch straps.
    Python skin watch straps appeal to almost all styles for men and women such as masculine, feminine, vintage, high-tech. These exotic watch straps have been carefully selected to underline the elegant of your watch.

Ships in 3 business days
Shipping 1 (One) to 3 (Three) Straps to anywhere
around the world is $7,99
Completely handmade
Hand stitched with %100 Linen Thread
Thicknes of strap is tapering from 5,5mm to 3,5mm.
Strap is padded on the watch side.
1 fixed and 1 free keepers


Keeper width chart

28mm x 24mm

10 mm

16mm x 16mm

16mm x 22mm

7,5 mm

24mm x 24mm

24mm x 22mm

22mm x 22mm

22mm x 18mm

5,0 mm

20mm x 18mm

20mm x 16mm


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