• Genuine Tobacco Brown Ostrich Leg Watch Strap
  • Tobacco Brown Ostrich Leg Watch Strap
  • Brown Ostrich Leg Watch Strap
  • Panerai Tobacco Brown Ostrich Leg Watch Strap

Genuine Tobacco Brown Ostrich Leg Watch Strap


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Product Details

*to Custom Order this product, please send an e-mail to info@imperastraps.com
Primary Material Genuine First Grade Ostrich Leg Skin Watch Straps
Lining Material Genuine Natural Calf Leather
Sweat Resistant
Stitching Color Beige
Edge Color Dark Brown
Thickness Strap is tapering from 5,5mm to 3,5mm.

   Soft, flexible and durable.
   Ostrich Leg Skin is known as one of the strongest leathers available in leather industry. Naturally occurring oils in the leather contribute to its durability, preventing cracking, even under extreme temperatures and sun exposure.
   Ostrich leather is highly durable which has a uniquely bumpy texture, referred to as quills, that makes ostrich skins a prime choice for elegant leather products.
   Ostrich leather is considered to be one of the finest quality leathers. It is durable, pliant and very tough. It is resistant to drying and cracking since the ostrich hide is rich in natural oils. It also has a unique pattern which distinguishes it from other avian leathers.
  Distinctive and comfortable ostrich leather watch straps are attributes of establishment, wealth, recognition. Elegant and classic they've been in fashion for the last fifty years.

Ships in 3 business days
Free Shipping for all orders of $100.00 or more
Completely handmade
Hand stitched with %100 Linen Thread
1 fixed and 1 free keepers


Keeper width chart

28mm x 24mm

10 mm

16mm x 16mm

16mm x 22mm

7,5 mm

24mm x 24mm

24mm x 22mm

22mm x 22mm

22mm x 18mm

5,0 mm

20mm x 18mm

20mm x 16mm

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